I need a hero!

by Dandy

We all need someone we can look at with total amazement. A hero. For me that person is Jesse Owens. Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in 1936 during the Berlin Olympics, which was known as Hitler’s Olympics. This was Hitler’s chance to prove to the world of Aryan superiority, or so he thought.   Along comes Jesse Owens, son  of a sharecropper, and grandson to a slave.  Jesse had every reason in life to fail.  But there was something inside him that was fearless and valiant.   He showed Hitler – the most feared man in the world at that time, how wrong he was about his superior race theory, and he did so with a smile on his face.  Please watch the following clip to see for yourselves why Jesse Owens is my hereo. 

Who is your hero or heroine?


42 Responses to “I need a hero!”

  1. Hi Dandy,

    Wow, thank you for sharing this. It goes to show me, now matter how big I think my giant is, I can win. 🙂

    Who’s my hero or heroine? I’d have to say my daughter is my heroine. I know she’s only 4, but I’ve learned so much about myself from her. I’m sure there will be much,much more to learn from her.

    Take care,


    • That’s lovely Evelyn! It sounds like your daughter is an inspiration to you. What a blessed lady you are! Take care & thanks for the comment:)

  2. I agree with Evelyn, we’re all like David and Goliath, you never know how strong you are until your tested. I never had a hero, I just try to do my best at whatever I try.Good Post Dandy.

  3. Interesting question. As I sit and think over your question carefully, I realize that the heroine that I need to pay attention to is myself. The one who cried, complained, obsessed and felt vulnerable, weak and miserable during many moments of her life but who has nevertheless survived, weathered through and fought to be the woman she is today. She is still cranky but has at least learned to laugh at herself a little more. And thus, I celebrate the heroine in me.

    Which reminds me. Happy International Women’s Day to you! Thanks for being an inspiration to us all. More love, power and light to you!

    • Hi Evelyn,
      Thank-you for that. I’m thrilled you think I’m an inspiration! I love your comment. We all need to celebrate the hero in us! Take care!

    • I salute you Evelyn! We need to remind ourselves, especially when we’re in the midst of changing challenging times, that we’ve survived beautifully and will continue to do so.

      Great post Dandy – you’ve got me thinking. I’ll let you know when I figure out who my hero is, besides myself and Evelyn!

  4. My hero or heroine is the person who looks over the fence and knows their grass is greener.


  5. Hi Dandy – Great video and into to Jesse Owens. He’s defines what a hero is, doesn’t he!

    I have many heroes…it’s hard for me to put one down here..but I will share a profile, which shares what I see in a hero.
    Imperfection, but stands strong with principal. Riddled with obstacles, but doesn’t complain, only acts to change the outcome. Knows adversity, and reverses its power. I guess I can say that Jesse is one of my heroes too!

    • Hi Jk! Yah, we’re Jesse Owens fans!! Owens did have principles and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. He had alot of integrity. I imagine he must have really believed in himself. I think he must have been made of some very tough stuff! Thanks so much Jk!

  6. The answer to this question came lightening quick…just like Jesse Owens.

    My hero is my dear friend that I ‘run’ barefoot on the beach with. She is a very remarkable and spiritual lady. For the last 24 years she has commited her love and care…her life, to a person that cannot ‘run’, for he is a quadriplegic. He lost the use of his arms and legs through a sports accident.

    Last week she came across him talking in his sleep. He was talking something about Eric Clapton. This was triggerd by all the spots on radio about Clapton’s concert coming to the Sports Arena more than likely. She told me that he idolizes Eric Clapton. Well, as a stagehand I did get my “Local Crew” Clapton T-shirt for working the concert…and you know who’s going to get it.

    Thank you so much for this post and allowing me to bring this person to light…

    • Thanks Rand! I’m glad you liked this post. Your friend sounds fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing that. I appreciate you comment. Take care!

  7. hello dandy
    how are you?
    like jk i have many heroes in my life and when i analyze the qualities they possess in my had i have discovered they
    struggled through the issues of life but still stood firm
    were determined to succeed despite all odds.
    kept failing but still tried over and over again.
    gained experience over time from the school of life
    great thinkers
    believed in themselves and pushed when necessary.
    didnt start off well but gained momentum eventually
    were highly motivated
    family oriented…..
    thanks for sharing this article
    take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day

    • Hi Ayo! I like what you say about gaining momentum. That’s exactly it too! It starts by believing in ourselves & being proud of ourselves for our accomplishments. Those vibrations increase over time, gaining momentum. Yes, I like the idea of that! Thanks Ayo for your great comment!

  8. Hi Dandy,

    Jesse Owens did magnificently even though the odds were stacked against him. It just goes to show that anyone can succeed regardless of their background if they put their heart and soul into the effort.

    I love heroes and heroines; that is part of the reason why I love reading stories, historical epics and comics. I just enjoy reading about people who faced great odds and managed to triumph over it. Most of my heroes are great historical figures because I love history. One of the heroes worthy of mention is Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate. I admire him because of his incredible patience where he finally achieved his dream of unifying Japan against all odds at the age of 60.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier

    • Hi Irving! I’m glad you liked my post. I really love focusing on my personal heros and heroines, because they are such positive role models and the qualities they have – I too have in my own way! It sounds like you know exactly what that is like! Thanks & take care:)

  9. Hi Dandy,

    I believe most people have some heros in their lives. Having a hero is crucial because it help, so we can learn from such people and choose the positive qualities that they possess and incorporate them in our daily lives. Thanks for sharing Dandy 🙂

    • Hi Dia,
      Yes, I completely agree. We should have a postive person to model ourselves after. They can inspire us to bring forth the qualities we already possess! Thanks Dia! Take care:)

  10. Indeed, Dandy. We all need heroes don’t we? Jesse Owens is wonderful example of someone who dared to think the unthinkable. Our heroes show us ‘unlimitedness’ in action. We all intuitively sense our own unlimited nature. Wwe admire those heroes because it reminds us that we too have our own unique ‘unlimitedness’ waiting to express itself.

    • Thanks Rob. You said it perfect! I think we do see ourselves in our heros. There is something we connect with. I’ll never win 4 gold medals, but Jesse’s tenacity is something I connect with. I can be fiercly tenacious:) Thanks Rob!

  11. Dandy,

    I don’t think I have the strength to type out all of the hero’s that I have encountered in my life. To me a hero can be defined in many different ways. I think a single mom who works three jobs to fee her children is a hero. I think a person who volunteers to build their community is a hero. I think a child who goes against the pressure of his peers and excells is a hero. I think everyone I meet has the potential to be a hero or do something heroic. This video is a prime example of a hero in action and I am so glad you shared it.

    • Hi Frank,
      I’m glad you liked this video. I just love the happy smile on Jesse Owens face and the grimace on Hitler’s. Everyday people are extraordinary. We just have to choose to put it in our actions. I know I’ll never win 4 gold medals like Jesse, but I can be my own version of a heroine! Thanks so much Frank!

  12. We are in sync–I was watching the Jesse Owens clip when I saw that you left a comment on my blog! We are connecting through the cosmos!

    My hero is Bruce Lee. People know him as an amazing martial artist, but in addition to that, or perhaps as a part of that, he was a spiritual philosopher and a civil rights trailblazer. He accomplished so much in his short life and left a legacy that still inspires millions.

    Great post!

    • Wow Galen! I guess we are in sync;) I’m familiar with the incrediable things Bruce Lee did with his short life & I can see why he would be a hero to you. He was really a phenominal person. Thanks for your comment Galen! Take care:)

  13. Boy do we need heroes more than ever Dandy so very well done for making the call.

    I was lucky to have 2 heroes – one in my life and heart (my Dad) and one in my inspiration and dreams (Bjorn Borg).

    My dad encouraged me to go with Tennis if that’s what I felt and so I did and beame a pro coach when no-one thought I ever could and Bjorn taught me to believe and focus – after all tennis players aren’t made they’re Bjorn!!

    Stellar post, heroic blogging Dandy.

  14. Dandy, what an incredible video! And what an incredible guy! Wow. What a story. I never knew Jesse Owens’ story. Thank you for sharing. Heroes are how we learn to defeat our circumstances that keep us down. Heroes and learning to model them. For me, I have a lot, but the one who most often comes to my aid in my heart is my grandfather. He was a war hero in World War II. He always showed a soft side of life and loved the most basic things – his family, life, nature, and animals. I watched as raccoons would eat out of his hand. That says a lot about a person’s character. I have wished this life upon myself.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Bryan,
      That’s lovely about your grandfather. He sounds like a great man. Thanks for sharing. Yes, our heros have qualities we connect with, that’s what makes them stand out to us. I really appreciate your comment Bryan! Take care:)

  15. Hey Dandy,

    Thanks for the awesome video!

    I never never the Jesse story either. It was great to watch that video, because he defines a hero.

    I have many Hero’s, but the easiest ones for me to think of are my parents. They have always done what’s is right and worked hard to set the best example for me. They also always had food on the table and I know many people aren’t that lucky.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Hi William,
      I think it’s wonderful your parents are your heros. They sound like great people! Compared to alot of people in the world, we are indeed very lucky! Thanks so much William!

  16. Dandy: I loved this post and was so inspired after watching the video. I think you make a great point that we all need a hero or someone we can admire that reminds us of our own potential and that we too can accomplish great things. Wonderful post.

  17. > with total amazement
    So true.

    While I’m a fan of intellectual prowess, most of my heroes have been people that have pushed the limits of physical feats. I’m always amazed by what we can do when we push our bodies past our limits or learn skills that take us further than we dreamed possible.

  18. Dandy,

    Thank you for the inspiring background and video. How incredible!

    This world needs more heroes and heroines or we at least need to model ourselves after the right ones. For me, it’s my mother. She gave up the fun and recklessness of youth to raise me and made every sacrifice so that I would have food, shelter, and a stable home. Without her determination, love and courage I wouldn’t be who I am today.


    • Hi Jon,
      Thanks so much for sharing about your mother. She sounds like a wonderful woman. I wonder what the world would be like if women like her ran our world. I imagine no one would ever be in need. I guess we need to be thankful that we do have women like that in our lives! I appreciate your comment & hope to hear from you again!


  19. Hey Dandy, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I really don’t have a role model or hero. Bad, yeah? Well, maybe, but that doesn’t make my life any shorter. Though I totally agree one should have one 🙂

  20. Jessie lived a hard life after that event. Its nice that you gave him a thought even so many years later.

  21. Thanks so much for your support!


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