5 ways to become patient and powerful

by Dandy

Hello everyone!  I would like to introduce you to the writer of this wonderful guest post, m. Farouk Radwan.  He is the writer and creative mind behind the very popular www.2knowmyself.com  Please check out his website.  It is filled with a wide variety of self-improvement articles.


 Did you get patience incorrectly?

5 ways to become patient and powerful

 While everyone knows that patience and persistence are the two skills that can enable anybody to succeed still most people get patience incorrectly as they perceive it as some kind of helplessness.

Contrary to common beliefs patience can make you more powerful provided that you understand it correctly and do it the right way.

In this post I am going to tell you about 5 ways that can make you patient and powerful:

1)     Patience is different than admitting defeat:  Some people think of patience as passive waiting or even admitting defeat while in fact patience is just a decision to not let the current events affect your mood because you know that sooner or later you will be able to fix things. When you decide to become patient know that you are not admitting defeat but you are just waiting for victory to come.

2)     Patience is not waiting:  Patience is different than waiting. In order to be patient the right way you need to be doing your best to change the situation you are in while controlling your emotions. If you have lots of bills that you can’t meet then patience in this case would be not allowing the bills to make you feel bad while working on another way to increase your income or to manage your expenses.

3)     Patience is optimism:  Some people think that patience is the decision the person takes when everything goes wrong and when he has no other options while in fact patience is a state of optimism where you decide that you are going to wait because sooner or later things will turn to the better. When you decide to be patient decide to be positive too so that your patience makes you feel better.

4)     Patience is power: Instead of feeling defeated, crying or even becoming depressed you can make the choice of being patient. In such a case patience is a powerful state that allows you full control over your emotions and impulsive responses. The next time you decide to be patient remind yourself that you are being powerful too.

5)      Patience is wisdom: Sometimes doing the right thing in the wrong time can bring bad outcomes. Patience is not a passive state where you wait for the white knight to come and save you but it’s a state of wisdom where you wait on intention because you know that this might not be the right time to take an action. The next time you decide to be patient remind yourself that you are being wise too.

Now that you understand that patience makes you optimistic, in control, confident and wise you should never regard it as passive waiting

Written by m.Farouk Radwan



28 Responses to “5 ways to become patient and powerful”

  1. Dandy,

    I love how you re-framed patience in a more active and empowering way. You are right, being patient doesn’t mean to be idle, it just means to keep doing and believing the results will come.



  2. Farouk,

    This is a beautiful article on patience, something I sorely lack! I love how you say it’s “a decision to not let the current events affect your mood because you know that sooner or later you will be able to fix things.”

    I find that my patience is strong when my faith is. When we are confident about the outcome, we’re all that more able to wait for it.

    I’m going now to check out your blog! I’m looking for more great blogs to add to my daily-read list!

  3. Farouk is someone special, Dandy, he knows how to distill essential wisdom into bitesize chunks, a rare gift. Glad to see him here 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting this blog by Farouk. I will definitely check out his site!
    Love the list, my favorite being “patience is wisdom.” Even more reason to practice patience because we can all stand to gain more wisdom within ourselves.

    Thanks, Dandy!

  5. Wonderful post. Great Work. Patience is virtue that we must master..keep up the good work farouk.

  6. Just realize how God is so patient with each one of us.despite all our sins.

    I appreciate this post and the “5 ways” as all are reflective of God’s love.

    Thank you Dandy and Farouk!

  7. Hi Dandy and Farouk,

    Very nice post on patience! Patience is one of the most ingrediets that successful have. Many people tend to give up too soon, if they patience, they achieve what they want. Thanks for sharing

  8. Hey, I love this article about patience! Just what I needed when I suddenly thought about having patience as part of my intention setting for the year. Tweeted and shared on FB!

  9. Hi Farouk,

    I love your points on patience. As I was reading the article, some thoughts came to mind which I shall now share.

    2) Patience is not waiting

    This is true. I believe that there are two kinds of waiting. Passive waiting as you have pointed out is not true patience. Nothing will change anyway unless you make an effort to bring about the change. Then there is active waiting which means you do all you can to bring about change and wait for things to unfold. Active waiting is how patience should be.

    5) Patience is wisdom

    Knowing when to advance and retreat is a sign of wisdom. Everything unfolds at its own time and place. If we misread the signs, we could end up in a situation that is not favourable to us. If the times do not favour us, we should be patient. Everything proceeds in cycles and as long as we practcie active waiting, the time will come when we can take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself.

    Thank you for sharing this article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier

  10. Farouk, excellent post here. And it’s one that I admit is difficult to practice at times. I love the subpoints and those brought out by other commenters. Like Irving the Vizier above, I really like the “Patience is not waiting” approach.

    I think patience is a calm reassurance that everything is the way it is for a reason. That we are continually looking to make the most of each moment, but an impatient rush on that moment could keep us from experiencing what we really need to.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kudos, Dandy, on the guest post!

  11. Dandy & Farouk, I tried commenting on this last night but for some reason WordPress comments haven’t been working for me – Don’t understand why. They’re just not taking.

    Great post. Patience is admittedly something I have a struggle with – whether it’s waiting for someone at a traffic light or waiting for something to happen in life. It’s not easy for any of us, but it’s a powerful lesson for us to cultivate it. Thanks for the reminder. And also that we can actively pursue what we desire as we’re patient for it to come about.

  12. Dandy, I figured it out. Apparently, Akismet somehow blacklisted my comments as spam – I think I had included a hyperlink somewhere and the rest is history. Trying to resolve it. 🙂 Thanks for catching it.

  13. hello farouk
    how are you?
    you are really working hard and popping up everywhere.
    thanks for sharing this and i liked the third point. i am not so sure if optimism can exist without patience(i may be wrong) because it contributes to you being realistic with your expectations.
    take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day

  14. This reminded me of a passage from Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha. “I can think. I can wait. I can fast.” I read that book years ago, but that passage has stuck with me. I think the waiting refers to active waiting, as described by Irving in the comment above. A very timely reminder to me to be patient through some present challenges.

  15. Farouk – great job on this post. Patience, when practiced gives us a soothing, calm feeling. I’m glad I had the opportunity to read this, because I can always use more patience. Thank you.

    Hello Dandy!

  16. Wonderful way to explain patience. I use to think I didn’t have patience, but after reading that I have more than I ever thought. Thanks many bunches. Having patience does stop worry, because you do learn to go with the flow instead of stressing out. He is very right all situations have a solution and when you stop the worry and have patience any situation will get resolved.
    Hope I said that right, if not hey I tried. LOL (Love to through a little humor in)
    Have a better than good day and blessing to you,

  17. Hey Farouk,

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    Patience is something everyone could use a little more of I believe. I really liked the first point that patience doesn’t mean defeat. It just means you know how to wait and hold out till you get where you want to be.

    Great job on the article!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  18. @ Everyone
    I am really sorry for not replying Fast
    as you might have heard the internet access was blocked completely in egypt (where i live) and i had to move to jordan to be able to access it

    Thanks everyone for your comments and great words
    wish you all the best in your lives 🙂

  19. @ Everyone
    I am really sorry for not replying Fast
    as you might have heard the internet access was blocked completely in Egypt (where i live) and i had to move to Jordan to be able to access it

    Thanks everyone for your comments and great words
    wish you all the best in your lives :))

    • Hi Farouk,
      I’ve been thinking alot about you and I’m sorry for the trouble your country is experiencing. Thank-you so very much for your wonderful post on patience. It was a hit! We recieved some wonderful comments! Please take care of yourself Farouk! God Bless!

  20. As an analyst, I always look a the negative aspects and see how to correct them. Today, it is hard to look at work with a positive thought. I hope this will help me in someway. Patience is the key.


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