Adorn your soul

by Dandy

There is an old hymn titled, “Soul, Adorn Thyself with Gladness,” by Johann Franck.  You’ll find it in every hymnal in every church.  It starts like this,

Soul, adorn thyself with gladness,

Leave behind all gloom and sadness;

Come into the daylight’s splendor.

We put so much thought into our physical appearance and making sure everything matches neatly.  Why don’t we put as much thought into how we need to adorn our souls?  Ask yourself tomorrow morning while you’re getting dressed, “what do I need in order to adorn myself to get through this day?”  Perhaps I’ll wear my cloak of gladness to get through the hustle and bustle of this time of year.  Then I’ll wear the shoes of grace so that I may walk peacefully instead of rushing about.  I also need my scarf of gratitude so that I may feel the warmth of all my blessings.  Put some thought into how you want to adorn your soul and you will display a more beautiful version of yourself.  With gladness, grace, and gratitude we will affect others positively with this inner adornment.   Your soul deserves to be beautifully adorned with all the virtues this world possesses.  Not only will your inner self shine brightly, you will be made rich in spirit.  The only way to ever obtain richness is by obtaining the very best of virtues and values. 

What will you adorn your soul with?


40 Comments to “Adorn your soul”

  1. Hi Dandy,

    What a creative and meaningful post you have written! I love the imagery you’ve used to adorn the soul. But more importantly, I agree with you. We all need to pay attention to our soul and its state when we go out into the world. When it comes to inner adornment, simplicity works best for me. I always prefer to return to fundamental values like kindness and compassion. That is what all beautiful souls should have.

    Thank you for this lovely article! 🙂

    • Hi there!
      I’m so happy you liked this post. Inner beauty is all about how you choose your presence. People are remembered more vividly for their kindness than for their clothes. Thanks for your compliments!!

  2. Lovely post. Makes a great meditation/prayer. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. I absolutely love this post Dandy!

    I love the way you describe “cloak of gladness, shoes of Grace (my daughters name too:), and scarf of gratitude”
    WONDERFUL imagery…..I certainly will use this throughout the month!


    • Jen!
      I’m so glad you could take away from my blog. Inner beauty is so important. People are remembered more for their inner beauty than for their outward appearance. I think by maintaining our inner beauty we feel better about ourselves & the world we live in! Thanks for subscribing to my blog Jen!

  4. Kindness and self-love.

    Thanks for the inspiration to do so Dandy!


  5. First off how was your thanks? Eat well I hope? Loved the post X’s and O’s. Very creative and inciteful. Personally the only thing that sooths my soul is my dreams. It’s all that ever matter to me as much as my girl, family and friends online and off. Great post, very sincere and genuine.

    • Hey Jonathan,
      It’s always great to hear from you! I had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Lots of laughs & calories:) I’m glad you liked my post. It sounds like you found what feeds & soothes your soul…writing….which you are very good at! It’s important to have something like that in our lives. Take care Jonathan! I’m sending postitive vibes to you in nyc!

  6. Hi Dandy:

    What a beautiful post. I smiled with the thought of the message that feeded my soul while reading this blog post. Really, it is amazingly true that we have to go through the day and we have to make the best of it, what if we consider about it for two minutes and give it a strong touch of living in peace harmony and well being. You are a great writer.

    fran a

  7. Excellent thoughts!! Yeah!

    I will adorn myself with the love you give so freely and warmly and I will share the warmth of your love with others for this is one adornment that I will never run out of.

  8. Hi Dandy,
    I love the photo and content of this post. I will adorn my soul with love and forgiveness. Thanks for asking;)

  9. I like that:) Today I will wear my patience cap to help me remember to enjoy the bustle of my busy week and stay focused on the little 4 year old who is hanging dearly on my coat tail along for the ride. I’ll also tie my belt of strength around my waist and prepare for it to change color soon.

  10. Hi Dandy,

    Love the photo!

    This is a very inspiring post and very creative too!

    I wish to adorn myself with patience, gratitude and love.



  11. Hi Dandy,

    Very nice post! Each on of us has to really adorn him/her soul. We should feed our souls with positive thoughts that enhance ourselves. Gratitude is crucial in life. We should spend time daily to give thanks to God for what he has given us and for what he is going to give us. Giving thanks gives us peace of mind and adorns our souls in a positive way. Thanks for sharing

  12. Hello Dandy!

    This is a beautiful piece of writing. I admire your spirit Dandy and am inspired by your writing.

    I choose to adorn myself with loving encouragement. I fell this is my purpose in life. Thank you for reminding me of this today.


  13. You’re very welcome Dandy! It means a lot to ME that there are good people like you in the world, and who are working for the good of ALL people. The only way anyone can make a difference in this world is to BE the difference, and you’re doing just that.

    Thank you

  14. Another perspective is human beings are in the process of removing the layers of identity that are false and imagined into being. They are beginning to remember that who they are has nothing to do wih what they are told or what they come to believe. They can engage in a process that evokes the joy of being sort of like the story, the emporer’s new clothes. Let go of fear and self love and acceptance of pure nudity remain.

  15. Hi Dandy,

    Today I will adorn myself with humility. Knowing that all that I have I do not deserve but I am thankful for it. I will humbly accept that I am not perfect and strive to grow into the person I want to become.

  16. hello dandy
    how are you? thanks for sharing this and if i may add to it please:
    a belt of patience to hold things together, the shoes of determination to walk confidently into or through any situation. the scarf or hat of humility to keep you level headed.
    take care and have a lovely weekend

  17. Hi Dandy,

    that is beautiful, “Adorn You Soul.” It is what is on the inside that really counts. It is what makes for happiness and gratitude. Thank you for the reminder.

  18. Hi Dandy
    So true – think about the bit on the inside not the outside.
    But like most things, easier said than done.
    Guess we all think about our appearance.

    Gladness, grace and gratitude sound like three great cloaks to help.

  19. Dandy: What a beautiful message and a great suggestion for how we should begin everyday. You are so right that it is easy to always focus on how we look and our appearance, but are we thinking enough about how we need to nourish our soul continually as we move through the day? I think this is a great recommendation and point. I know that if we really can keep this top of mind, we can really live in such an amazing way.

    • Hi Sibyl,
      Thanks so much for your enthusiastic comment. Puting energy into our inner selves only serves us in a positive manner. When you are beautiful on the inside people take notice of that more than what type of slacks you’re wearing, or what color your earings are. We have to adorn our souls with the characteristics we need to feel better about ourselves. Thanks so much Sibyl!!!

  20. Hi Dandy! I love the idea of adorning our soul. I think that we often don’t pay as much attention to adorning our soul as we do with our outside. One of the ways I “adorn” my soul is by having a prayer time first thing in the morning, followed by meditation, and then spiritual reading.

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder. Loving blessings!

    • Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for checking out my post! I really like the way you adorn your soul. Your inner beauty shines so very brightly. Thanks for being beautiful!!

  21. those are some very nice words. the outer beauty and looks hardly count for anything, if we have a good soul, which we care for and keep it clean, and as you say, with gratitude and grace, we will have a beautiful inner self.

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