The fear of starting something new

by Dandy

Since I just started this blog, I felt that a very appropriate post would be getting past fear.  Focusing on starting new things.  It’s exactly what I’m going through right now.  So many ‘what ifs’ are invading my thoughts…what if I offend someone, what if no one likes my blog, what if I can’t find the time to post regularly, what if I regret writing a blog in the first place.  Oh, it goes on and on.

I always thought of fear as something I need to make go away in order to conquer it.  But that is a false assumption.  The truth is I need to do something with the fear I have.  Give it a job so to speak.  First, I wrote down precisely what I was afraid of concerning starting a blog.  I was afraid no one would find it in the huge universe of blogs.  I was afraid I wouldn’t have the time I would need to dedicate to it.  I was worried I’d get writers block.  Writing down all my fears gave me clarity.  It broke it down into smaller, less fearsome pieces.

Secondly, I shifted my focus.  If I was to worry about my blog not being found, or fearful that no one would like me then my focus would only be on that.  I would fixate on that instead of the blog itself.  So I asked myself what I wanted to achieve.  I summoned up a vision of a blog that was well written and appreciated by those who chose to read it.  I pictured myself enjoying the camaraderie it would bring me. 

Finally I took action.  I sought answers to my questions.  I laid my fears out on the table.  I talked about my desire to write a blog with my loved ones and told them of the time I would need.  I wanted to get out all my fears, so that I wouldn’t carry it with me.  I counteracted my fears with action, and really I can’t imagine a situation worsening by opening up.  I believe that if one is honest about their feelings there will be reward somewhere.

Fear will never go away.  It is in our biology, but it can be dispersed.  What new thing have you been wanting to try?  What specifically of that are you afraid of?  Envision yourself successfull…what does it look like?  Is it worth it?

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8 Comments to “The fear of starting something new”

  1. The book that has had the biggest impact on my life is “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. I think he was the most inspirational writer of all time. It’s like he was writing about “The Secret” before it was writen by Rhonda Byrne. It’s all about your thinking patterns and how they affect your life and everything and everyone in it. We all get so caught up in our own daily life, it’s problems, and all our other “stuff” that we forget to think more positive about eveything. It’s a great book, as far as I’m concern I think everyone should read it. I’ve had a copy since 1969 and if I were on a desert inland it’s the one book I want to have with me. God Bless you, Dandy! And I love your name by the way, it’ very unique as I’m sure you are.

    • Thanks for the great comment and book review. It has been a long time since I read “The Power of Positive Thinking”. Sounds like I need to reread it. It is true that we have control over our thoughts & actions. We don’t have to be victims of habit. It is empowering to know we have more control over our lives than we think. One positive thought can change our whole outlook on our day. That’s tremendous!!

  2. Sounds like you dealt with your fear perfectly! I always worry about writers block too, but I’ve found that writing down post topics as they occur to me helps. That way I have a little list of post ideas in case I feel uninspired one day.

    • Hi Michelle, it’s true you have to grab inspiration when you can. Because there will always be days when not much can be accomplished, even the most prolific writers experience that. I hope my blog can help people. I know what it is like to struggle & I want folks to know they are not alone.

  3. Hi Dandy,

    One of the best ways to overcome fear is by taking action and you did just that. Good luck with your blog and I look forward to your content. 🙂

  4. Nice post Dandy,

    My motto is “focus on the solution, not the problem.” I wasn’t always this way. When I was younger I allowed my fears and doubts to control me. I focused on the problem instead of the solution and things just get worse when you let your imagination run wild. But over time I learned to take action to do something about my fears like you have. Courage is not the absence of fear but having the will to do what you must in spite of it. Thanks for your post!

    • I like your motto! It is so easy for self-doubt to trickle in. But taking action creates positivity. It is comforting to know you tried and did your best. I think trying is more important than succeeding. Courage is so very important to the human character. Thanks so much!!


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